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2016 International Camp Opens In AHU

On the morning of July, 12th, the 2016 Charming Anhui, Beautiful China International Summer Camp sees its opening ceremony held in the small theater of the Art Building, Anhui University. A total number of 63 teachers and students from 7 countries including Poland, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine and Chile came to Qingyuan Campus, experiencing the Hui culture and beauty of China.

Officials from the Provincial Department of Anhui, the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province, and Anhui University attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches to the participants of the summer camp. Representative teacher and student from the camp also spoke at the ceremony.

A publicity film called Beautiful Anhui Embraced Guests from All over the World displayed natural scenery, glorious history & culture and prestigious intellectuals during the ceremony, which gave a review of the memorable moments from last years summer camp. After the ceremony, the Charming Anhui, Beautiful China performances were given in the theater, displaying the cultural landscape of China, especially Anhui Province.

The summer camp this year lasts until July 21st. Foreign teachers and students will, through according courses, obtain understanding of Chinese philosophy, tea ceremony, cuisine, calligraphy and technology.