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Interpreting Services by AHU Students Win Recognition during China-Russia Meeting

The interpreting services offered by the 20 students from Russian Major of Anhui University (AHU) turned out to be a success during the Regular Prime Ministers' Meetings of China and Russia. This meeting was held in Huangshan City of Anhui Province from June 19th to June 20th.

During the two-day meeting, interpreting volunteers from AHU participated in work concerning picking up Russian guests in the airport, helping the visitors with checking-in, interviewing and interpreting during banquets. The professionalism and flexibility of these volunteers have been highly recognized by both sides of the China-Russia meeting.


At the welcoming luncheon, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin expressed his gratitude for the interpreting services in his conclusion speech, and he pointed out that thanks to these volunteers, prime ministers could communicate freely with each other even when they were dining.

The responsibility, discipline and active attitude of AHU students has not only well reflected the selfless spirits of volunteers, but also displayed the international cooperation and exchange capabilities of AHU.