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Pres. Cheng Visits Oceanian Universities

To promote educational cooperation and exchange between Anhui University (AHU) and universities in Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Cheng Hua, president of AHU, headed a delegation to visit 5 universities in these two countries, including Charles Darwin University in Australia and Massey University in New Zealand.


This visit was at the invitation of the 5 universities and achieved plentiful results. During the visit, Pres. Cheng and his counterparts in Australia and New Zealand conducted in-depth discussions about new modes or platforms of cooperation. Key fields and schedule for future cooperation have been clarified.

The connection between AHU and Oceanian universities was broadened after this visit, which has also promoted the cultivation of high-level talents as well as teacher-exchange with Australia and New Zealand. On top of that, the visit also contributed greatly to the internationalization of AHU.