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Opening Ceremony of Cross-strait Camp Held in AHU

On the morning of July, 5th, the first Exchange Camp for Cross-strait Backbones of College Associations was held in Qingyuan Campus, Anhui University (AHU).

Mr. Zhang Yong, director of Anhui Provincial Taiwan Affairs Offices, and Mr. Cheng Hua, president of AHU, attended the opening ceremony of the camp. Mr. Huang Zhengquan from National Chengchi University gave a speech as a representative teacher of this camp, and students from both sides of the strait also spoke at the opening ceremony.

This exchange camp lasts until July 10th, attracting teachers and students from universities of both sides of the strait, including National Chengchi University, Ming Chuan University, Providence University, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, National Taiwan Normal University, and the mainland’s University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology and AHU, etc.

Members of the camp will attend lectures on the Hui Culture, experience this glamorous culture by visiting places like Hefei International E-commerce Park, Anhui Museum, and China Huizhou Culture Museum, and obtain understanding of the economical and social development of the mainland.