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KU President Visits AHU, Attends China-Japan Forum

On May 21st, Professor Harada Shinji, president of Kumamoto University (KU) paid a visit to Anhui University and attended Cultural Exchanges Across Oceans ---- China-Japan Culture Forum, which was co-hosted by AHU and KU. President Cheng Hua and Vice President Yu Benli of AHU welcomed the visiting delegation headed by Prof. Harada.  

During the forum, 8 researchers from both sides delivered speeches on the operation of grassroots societies in Huizhou district of the Ming and Qing dynasties, comparisons of world-creation myths of China and Japan, as well as the formation of village communities in Japan of recent times. Related discussions on these topics were also conducted.


KU is a state-owned comprehensive Japanese university with a long history, which boasts complete disciplines and strong background. AHU President Cheng Hua visited KU last October and signed cooperation contracts with Pres. Harada. Besides, AHU’s Center for Hui Studies has also conducted project exchanges and cooperation with the School of Humanities and Social sciences of KU.