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Dumpling Banquet of Winter Solstice held in Haerkof CI

       Winter Solstice is a traditional festival in China, whose people celebrated this day and eat dumplings at this festive period. On December 24th, the club called Weekend Chinese of Confucius Institute (CI) at Haerkof held the dumpling banquet of Winter Solstice, which has attracted nearly 70 students.

Students at CI Learn to Make Dumpling under Instructions of Teachers

The first part of this banquet is making dumplings. After hearing the cultural connotations of making dumplings to celebrate winter solstice, students of CI crowded to the teachers and learned to make this traditional food by themselves. They felt so happy and excited while seeing the dumpling begin floating up in the boiled water.

Then comes the second part of this dumpling themed activity--poem recitation competition, in which 31 students participated. Most of them chose classic Chinese poems while there was also an adult who sang a household Chinese song, which greatly amazed the teachers.

After the bustling poem competition, teachers and students began to eat the dumpling they made and at the same time try to tell their own works, which they said have wrapped love, health and wealth, etc.


       During the tea ceremony performances, the green tea from China as well as the classic background music called High mountains and Running water calmed the all the people on spot and brought a touch of serenity. After that, students left the banquet with the aroma of the tea, hearty gratitude and greetings for the new year.