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Baku Confucius Institute Builds Platform for Bilateral Relations

Recently, Mr Xue Li, deputy director of Xinjiang Institute of Foreign Affairs and director of Xinjiang Central and West Asia Economical Information Exchange Association, arrived in Azerbaijan and paid a visit to Anhui University’s Confucius Institute at Baku State University. Mr. Xue conversed with Mr. Luo Xiaozhi, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute, and some of its teachers, hoping that the institute could offer certain help for the forum under the topic of the Belt and Road Initiatives, which is to be held in Xinjiang this September.

Thanks to the arrangement by Confucius Institute at Baku State University, the president of the State News Agency of Azerbaijan and vice director of the human rights institute of Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, met and discussed with the visiting guest. These two Azerbaijani officials emphasized the importance they attached to the relationship with China as well as related researches in this field. Also, a senior student of Confucius Institute at Baku University would be dispatched to the aforementioned Xinjiang forum.

Building exchange forums and developing China-Azerbaijan relations is a major function of Confucius Institute. This relationship between Xinjiang Institute of Foreign Affairs as well the West Asia Economical Information Exchange Association and according Azerbaijani organizations turns out to be a good example of such function, which is expected to promote comprehensive development of the friendly relationship between China and Azerbaijan.