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Mexican CI Delegation Visits AHU

      On the morning of September 9th, the delegation from Confucius Institute (CI) of Autonomous University of Yucanta (UADY), Mexico, paid a visit to Anhui University. Mr. Jose de Jesus Williams, president of UADY and chairman of the Council of CI-UADY, and Mr. L.A.E. Gerardo Montero Perez, president of Autonomous University of Campeche (UAC), were among the members of the delegation.

      Mr. Cheng Hua, president of AHU, welcomed the visiting guests in the Administrative Building of Qingyuan Campus, AHU. He pointed out that due to the similarity of the majors offered by UADY, UAC and AHU, exchanges between AHU and the two Mexican universities enjoy favorable platform. Mr. Cheng also expressed his hopes for further and deepened exchanges between the two sides, especially when China is increasingly promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and cooperation with Latin countries.


      Jose de Jesus Williams gave a brief introduction of UADY and expected further exchanges with AHU. He invited AHU to dispatch members to attend the book exposition to be held in March, 2017.

      The delegation also visited Business School of AHU, exchanging ideas with heads of the later on topics including major-setting, teaching staff and talent cultivation, and hoping for comprehensive cooperation in fields like teaching projects, joint researches, visits from both sides and student exchanges.

      Attendees of this bilateral meeting also include heads of University of Caribe, Latin University and AHU's International Department, Business School, and School of Foreign Studies.